-- Advanced Preference Settings --

This page finally explaings the meaning of the other preferences on the plugins preference page.

Preferences Page

  • Rebuild projects if needed
    Determines the plugins behaviour when a configuration is changed via the configuration editor. This option can be set to automatically rebuild the affected projects, never to rebuild these projects or to ask wether to rebuild.

  • Warn before losing configured file sets
    Set if the plugin should warn you when you are about to lose configured file sets in the project properties. This can happen if you switch from an advanced project configuration using file sets to the simple setting.

  • Include rule names in violation messages
    Set if the name of the Checkstyle module that produced the warning should be prepended to the message of this warning. This way you can sort the problems via the Problems View alphabetically and group the warnings together.

  • Limit Checkstyle markers per resource to
    Use this to limit the maximum amount of markers reported for a single file.
    Reason is that a massive amount of markers (>10000) can seriously bog down your Eclipse.
    Use this setting if you are experiencing such troubles.

  • Disable project classloader
    This option has been dropped from the 5.0.0 version, because the underlying problem - a IBM JVM Bug has been fixed for RAD 7 and later.