-- Setting up a project --

To get your files checked by Checkstyle there are a few simple steps set up the Checkstyle plug-in for your project.

  1. Open the properties of the project you want to get checked

    Open Project Properties

  2. Select the Checkstyle section within the properties dialog

    Select Checkstyle Properties

  3. Activate Checkstyle for your project by selecting the Checkstyle active for this project check box and press OK

    Checkstyle Properties page

    Don't mind the other options of the Checkstyle project configuration for now - these will be explained in detail later.
    For starters we are using the Sun Checks configuration which is built into the plug-in. This configuration contains coding conventions recommended by Sun and widely accepted standards and best practices.

    Now Checkstyle should begin checking your code. This may take a while depending on how many source files your project contains.
    The Checkstyle Plug-in uses background jobs to do its work - so while Checkstyle audits your source files you should be able to continue your work.

    After Checkstyle has finished checking your code please look into your Eclipse Problems View.
    The should be some warnings from Checkstyle. This warnings point to the code locations where your code violates the Sun Checks configuration.

    Checkstyle markers in Problems View and                         source annotations

    You can navigate to the problems in your code by double-clicking the problem in you problems view.
    On the left hand side of the editor an icon is shown for each line that contains a Checkstyle violation. Hovering with your mouse above this icon will show you the problem message.
    Also note the editor annotations - they are there to make it even easier to see where the problems are.


You audited your first eclipse project with Checkstyle.
Now you surely want to know how to change the rules for the audit to accommodate your own (or your companies) coding style.
Read on in the next chapter .