-- New and Noteworthy (4.2.0) --

  • Tested as working with the lastest Eclipse 3.3 Milestone (M4)

  • More on Quickfixes

    A new context menu action ('Apply Checkstyle fixes') was added to the Java editor and other views (e.g. Package Explorer) which - when invoked - tries to apply all existing quickfixes to the Checkstyle violations in the selected file.

    New Apply Checkstyle fixes action New Apply Checkstyle fixes action result

    Additionaly new quickfixes were implemented for the following Checkstyle checks:

    • FinalLocalVariable
    • StringLiteralEquality
    • FinalClass
    • ArrayTypeStyle
    • UncommentedMain
    • UpperEll
    • ModifierOrder

  • Copying a Check Configuration allows now to create External and Project Relative Configurations

  • When creating a External or Project Relative Configuration it is now possible to input the path to a (not yet) existing file. THe plugin then asks if the file should be created.

  • EclipsePluginCentral voting client

    Tell us and other users what you like or like not about the Eclipse Checkstyle Plugin by voting on EclipsePluginCentral. To ease this up the plugin now contains a voting client, which sends the votes to EclipsePluginCentral.

    New EPC voting client

-- Fixed Bugs --

-- Resolved Feature Requests --