-- New and Noteworthy (4.3.1) --

Don't be fooled by the small version number increment (didn't want to get out of line with the version number of the underlying Checkstyle engine), actually there have been quite some fixes and new features added since 4.3.0.

  • Tested as working with the latest Eclipse 3.3 Milestone (M7)

  • More on Quickfixes

    If you liked the 'Apply Checkstyly fixes' action introduced with the previous release you are probably happy to hear that this release adds a key-binding to invoke the action in the Java Editor without mouse wiggling. The default key sequence is Ctrl+Alt+C (or corresponding on Mac).

    key-binding for the 'Apply Checkstyle fixes'

    Additionaly new quickfixes were implemented for the following Checkstyle checks:

    • AvoidNestedBlocks

  • Filters

    A new implementation of the FileInSyncFilter provides general support for Team API compliant team providers.
    Using this filter only files with an outgoing change are going to be checked by Checkstyle.
    Note that since filter will only be working in Eclipse 3.2.0 and greater.

    New FileInSyncFilter

    The usefulness of the OpenFilesFilter, which when applied will only check files that are opened in the editor, was greatly enhanced by a new feature that automatically checks a file once when it is opened.
    In reverse if a file is closed the checkstyle markers for this file are removed.
    Try it out, especially with a large workspace using this filter will greatly enhances the Checkstyle experience.


  • Configuration editor improvements

    On top of the module tree a filter text widget has been added.
    The contents of the module tree are filtered to these modules where the filter text appears in either the module name or description.
    Note that there is nothing sophisticated behind this filtering, it is just based on plain String comparison.

    Filtered Module tree

    Whereever a regular expression can be provided to customize a Checkstyle modules behaviour there is now right next to it a text field where you can input a test string to see if the regular expression matches.

    Regex testing Regex testing

  • Bulk configuration of projects

    A new context menu action in the Package Explorer/Navigator allows you to bulk configure multiple projects for Checkstyle at once. This is especially useful if your workspace contains many projects.
    To do this you need to properly set up one project the regular way (Project Properties->Checkstyle and so on).
    After this is done you can select all the other projects in your workspace and invoke the 'Configure project(s) from blueprint' action.
    In the dialog which will now appear you can select the project, which will serve as blueprint for the configuration of the other selected projects.
    In this case the blueprint will be the one project you configured in step one.

    Bulk project configuration

    Note that this process does not enable Checkstyle on the affected projects.
    To deal with this another two new actions have been added to deal with activating/deactivation of Checkstyle for multiple projects.

  • Run Checkstyle on demand on selected files

    For those who don't want to have the plugin constantly inspecting their code we added a new feature to run Checkstyle on demand on the files selected in the Package Explorer/Navigator.
    A second action can be used to remove the Checkstyle markers from the selected files.

    Run Checkstyle on demand

  • Authentication credentials for secured remote Checkstyle configurations must now be provided in the Remote Configurations properties.
    The authentication dialog popping up in previous versions is gone for good.

    New input location for authentication credentials

-- Fixed Bugs --

-- Resolved Feature Requests --