-- New and Noteworthy (4.3.2) --

This version is just the usual slew of bugfixes and some minor feature.
It contains an important fix for Eclipse 3.2 and less, regarding the early plugin startup.

To Rational Application Developer (RAD) 6/7 users: Please be aware of a new documentation page regarding crashing issues when the Eclipse Checkstyle Plugin is used with RAD.

On a sidenote nominations for the SourceForge.net 2007 Community Choice Awards is now open. The projects with most nominations in each category will become the finalists during a voting period.
You can nominate the Eclipse Checkstyle plugin here. The best fitting category would be "Best Tool or Utility for Developers".

SourceForge.net 2007 Community Choice Awards

  • Tested as working with the latest Eclipse 3.3 RC3

  • Configuration editor support for Checkstyles id property

    When using the SuppressionFilter the id property can be used to distinguish different instances of the same Checkstyle module. The Configuration editor now supports mananging the id property.

    id property support

  • Support for custom violation messages

    In some cases (e.g. 'Name 'part' must match pattern '^m[A-Z][a-zA-Z0-9]*$'.') it is desirable to have a more fitting message presented to developers (e.g. 'Member names must start with a lowercase 'm'').
    The Configuration editor now supports defining a custom message for each Checkstyle module.
    Note that if you have multiple instances of the same module in your configuration and want to have each of these modules different custom messages you are required to use the id property (see above) to distinguish the module instances.
    Custom message support

  • Enhanced Violations Chart View

    The Violations Chart View was beefed up a bit by adding a details view to drill down into the violations category.
    Just double-click on a pie slice to drill down.

-- Fixed Bugs --

-- Resolved Feature Requests --