-- New and Noteworthy (5.0.0beta3) --

This release integrates the new Checkstyle 5.0 final.
Congratulations to the Checkstyle team for getting this major revision out the door.

Unfortunatly, the plugin itself is yet not ripe for its 5.0.0 final release.
Because of the major restructurings done for the 5.0.0 stream large portions of the documentation are still outdated and need to be adapted.
Apart from that there are possibly still some problems to iron out.

Please note that this version introduces a new, experimental and optionally installable feature: A automatic synchronization between eclipse-cs and Maven Checkstyle setup, provided by Nicolas De Loof. Read here for more info.

Oh, and btw. you may now get the beta release from the update site as well: http://eclipse-cs.sf.net/update

-- Fixed Bugs --