-- New and Noteworthy (5.0.0final) --

The eclipse-cs team is happy to finally announce the release of eclipse-cs 5.0.0.
Since the release of 5.0.0beta4 several weeks ago no additional bug reports have been filed, so this version is assumed to be sufficiently stable.

About this version:

  • Integrates Checkstyle 5.0
  • Plugin restructured, split into multiple smaller bundles.
  • Support for Checkstyle 5.0 custom check messages, allowing to redefine generic Checkstyle messages
  • Experimental m2eclipse->eclipse-cs synchronisation, allowing the eclipse-cs plugin project configuration to be automatically derived from the Maven Checkstyle settings in the project POM
  • Changed how custom Checkstyle extensions are to be integrated with eclipse-cs. Read here and here. Existing extension fragments for 4.4.x plugin version need to be adapted.
  • Dropped german and french translations until a clean and workable solution for providing language packs is worked out

-- Fixed Bugs (since 4.4.2/5.0.0b1) --

-- Resolved Feature Requests (since 4.4.2/5.0.0b1) --