-- New and Noteworthy (5.1.1) --

This version includes a widely missed feature to transform a project's Checkstyle configuration to a matching Eclipse formatter setting.
The feature was implemented by Lucas Frena (Institute of Computer Science Research Group DPS, Leopold Franzens University Innsbruck) as part of his Bachelor Thesis ("Improve Checkstyle Integration in Eclipse"). Thanks for this nice contribution and all the best wishes.

To enable this new feature set the new option in the Checkstyle project properties, after setting this the plugin will continuously synchronize changes in the projects Checkstyle configuration into the code formatter/cleanup settings.
New formatter syncronization feature

On a sidenote we have registered the eclipse-cs project with the new flattr Social Micropayment platform.
If you feel like spreading some love for this plugin please hook up with flattr and express your appreciation by clicking the flattr button in the page header.

-- Fixed Bugs (since 5.1.0) --

  • None, unbelievably not a single bug was filed for 5.1.0

-- Feature Requests --