-- New and Noteworthy (5.6.0) --

Upgrade to the recently release Checkstyle 5.6.
Note that Checkstyle 5.6 removes the Double Checked Locking check module, so existing Checkstyle configurations must be adapted.

Other changes:
The plugins internal handling of extension plugins has been changed to not rely on buddy-classloading anymore. Immediate action from extension providers is not required since the old way of intergration still works. However, certain usecases (providing custom quickfixes) only work with the new way of setup.
Please check out the updated docs here . The sample extension project in CVS has been updated as well.

I have given the plugin a short spin on the "new" Juno release of Eclipse (4.2), which seemed to work fine so far.

-- Fixed Bugs (since 5.5.0) --